University Track



#Speech Contest

Topic (5 minutes of speech)
Developing countries are faced with a new challenge and opportunity at the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Many developing countries rely on the manufacturing sector for economic growth, and the Fourth Industrialization has created a smart autonomous manufacturing system, which is capable of self-cognition, self-optimization, and self-customization. While this means that manufacturing would be more efficient, it has also led to concerns that this would lead to massive job losses as automation replaces people in the manufacturing sector. What should the priority be for developing countries: innovation or employment? Provide specific answers by explaining your answers based on SDGs.

#Essay Contest

Topic (500~700 words)
As countries continue to develop, there has been an increased rise of urban sprawls, or urbanization. Indications of urban sprawls are visible in both developed and developing countries. As a result, the importance of building sustainable cities is receiving more attention than ever before due to increased risks of environment, health, safety, and infrastructure concerns. What do you think are the prerequisites for a sustainable city? What specific policies must be implemented to reduce the negative effects of urbanization?
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