Welcome to Global Leadership English Challenge Viet Nam 2020!

Please read the below Registration Process and detailed explanation of each round carefully.

If you have difficulties in proceeding with GLEC Viet Nam Application due to a language barrier, 

please feel free to contact the HFA secretariat via email to  chelsea@hopetofuture.org.  

For applicants who have passed the Preliminary Round.

Due to the Corona Virus, the Registration Period for the Final Round has been postponed. We will upload the adjusted finalized dates on the website soon so we ask for your patience.


 엳★ For non-Vietnamese participants (Important notice on Payments)   

You can make your GLEC account and submit application forms through this English version website. However, you can only make a payment through the Vietnamese website (www.gleader.vn). First, please create an account and try to make a payment on the Vietnamese website (Click Here  using a Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard ONLY) since this is the simplest method. 

However, if you can't make a payment on the Vietnamese website due to a language barrier,  you can still make a wire-transfer. In order to proceed with making a wire-transfer, please send us an email to chelsea@hopetofuture.org

Step 1.


Create Account and Log-in


You can choose between Individual and Group Registration

Step 2.

Pay for the Contest you will participate in (Speech, Essay, Speech &Essay)

  • Preliminary Round: $20
  • Final Round: $30


Step 3.

Please submit ‘APPLICATION FORM’ with ‘ORDER NUMBER’  from the payment receipt.

For those who made a wire transfer, please contact HFA secretariat, and receive an ORDER NUMBER via email.

Step 4.

Check Confirmation E-mail sent to your own email inbox.

Make sure to CHECK your information written on the application form





Online Preliminary Round 

Dec. 25, 2019 ~ Jan. 31, 2020


Announcement of Successful Applicants

★ The successful applicants will be announced  

through both the website and email. 

Feb. 7, 2020

Registration (Payment) for Final Round

Feb. 7 ~ Feb. 14, 2020

Final Round 

Feb. 22 ~ Feb. 23, 2020

Hanoi: ThangLong University

Ho Chi Minh: Ton Duc Thang University

Announcement of Final Winners

Mar. 20, 2020


Award Ceremony

Early ~ Mid Apr. 2020

Ton Duc Thang University


Date : Dec. 25, 2019 ~ Jan. 31, 2020
Venue : Online-based  (www.gleader.vn)
Participants :  Grade 4 to University students (Graduate School students included) See Topics 
      -  Elementary Track: Grade 4-5
      -  Junior High Track: Grade 6-9
      -  High School Track: Grade 10-12
      -  University Track: University students (Graduate School students included)
Nationality : All nationalities (Participants outside of Vietnam can also apply as long as they can attend the Final Round in Viet Nam)
Examiners : UN Experts (Officials from the UN Department and International Organizations) and native English Professors
Preparatory Documents :
     - Speech: Application Form, Photo ID, and Speech Record File, and Speech Script
     - Essay: Application Form, Photo ID, and Essay


For the Speech Section, the applicant is required to deliver a 3~5 minutes speech on the given topic in front of examiners without reading the script. 
The topic for the Speech preliminary round and the final round is the same. Therefore, the content of the speech must be identical to the contents from the recording file and speech script of the Preliminary Round. After they finish their speech, the participants can receive questions from the judges.

For the Essay Section, the test format is very similar to the TOEFL iBT Writing section. The applicant is required to type an essay (500~700 words) on the computer. 

The topics for the Essay preliminary round and the final round are different. Once the final round starts, the participants will be able to see topics on the computer screen and will be given 50 minutes to write(type) their essay. The participants are not allowed to search on the Internet or dictionary.

Applicants are highly recommended to thoroughly understand the given topic, to analyze the status quo, and to ultimately suggest a solution from the perspective of the youth, the future generation of our world.
Date: Feb. 22 ~ Feb. 23, 2020
Venue: Hanoi (ThangLong University) and Ho Chi Minh (Ton Duc Thang University expected)
Examiners: UN Experts (Officials from the UN Department and International Organizations) and native English Professors

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